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Legacy Homes

Legacy Homes works with individuals with disabilities and their families who desire to develop a housing plan to ensure that decent, safe, affordable housing will always be available to a person with a disability as well as providing option to donate the home to a qualified non-profit housing member of LHA

Legacy Homes can help families and individuals with disabilities to:

  1. Create a plan to preserve the home a person with a disability currently lives in. This home might be the family home, or a home that the person with a disability owns or rents.

    Often, the home a person with a disability already has is a home that works well for them. It may be located in a safe, familiar neighborhood, with access to transportation and support service providers. The only thing needed is a long-term plan to ensure the person can continue to live there for his/her lifetime.
  2. Create a plan to find and secure decent, safe, affordable housing that can be permanent housing for a person with a disability.
  3. Create a plan for long-term management and preservation to help homeowners with disabilities ensure they can stay in their homes for their lifetimes, and then preserve those homes for use by future generations of people with disabilities who need affordable housing.