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The Legacy Home program will assist individuals with a disability and their families when:

  • a) A family and/or the individual with a disability wants to be able to stay where s/he is living.
  • b) A family would like a housing organization to take over the management and/or ownership of the property.
  • c) A family member is aging or has health issues is unable to continue managing the home and the individual with disability is not able to continue the upkeep of the home.
  1. There are no other family members or friends that are willing and able to assume the on-going responsibility and liability associated with owning and managing the home when the person or his/her parent/caregiver can no longer own/manage the home.

          These include:
    1. Ensuring property is well cared for;
    2. Providing emergency response when something goes wrong;
    3. Acting as landlord ? entering into leases/ collecting rent;
    4. Paying bills;
    5. Arranging insurance;
    6. Paying taxes;
    7. Saving for or financing major improvements when needed;
    8. Filing more complicated tax return.
  2. The house is paid off (no mortgage) or subsidies are involved that make the mortgage payment very affordable to the person (and housemates if present)
  3. In-home residential or visiting support services are available to the person or it is likely they will be available at the point when the person needs them.
  4. The house can accommodate housemates, if needed to help share costs of rent or support services.
  5. The house is in good condition, and reasonably energy-efficient so utility bills are affordable.
  6. The house can be modified to enhance accessibility, if that is needed later in the person?s life.
  7. The lot is fairly small and not unduly difficult or costly to maintain.
  8. In the situation where parents own the home, and the person with a disability has no siblings.

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